The fusion of Christian community and the Hip Hop culture is very real, very significant, and sadly very incomplete. While Christian themes and concepts are prevalent in the lyrics of Christian hip hop, this large and thriving audience often fails to grasp the true theological depth. To fill this critical gap of understanding DA has written G.O.S.P.E.L. in the language of urbanity with the crystal-clear power of Scripture. It’s a sound, compelling presentation of the gospel. Undiluted. Unmistakable.

To be ‘mobilized’ simply means to be sent. Jesus said, “as the Father sent me, so I send you” ... out of the four walls of your home or your church into the lives of the brokenhearted to be a missionary for the gospel. Our goal is to help followers of Christ recognize His call on their life and then help them connect with people and opportunities that will allow them to live this out in everyday life.

DNA:The Foundations of the Faith presents each reader with a survey of systematic theology written in the heart language of the urban context. D.A. Horton writes with a conviction that every believer should have the privilege of being equipped with a working knowledge of what the principle teachings of Christianity are. This tool can be used in any setting from the seminary classroom to the local street corner.