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There is no more noble pursuit or grand discovery than is the pursuit and discovery of the knowledge of God. Hopefully these free resources can encourage you, or those you serve, in that pursuit.

DNA: Foundations of the Faith teaches theology that is rooted in scripture, written For an Urbanite, By an Urbanite. D.A. Horton writes with a conviction that every believer should have the privilege of being equipped with the basics of Christianity. You will be presented with a survey of systematic theology that is meant to encourage you on in the faith as you grow both individually and in community.

Begin being further equipped by using the free resources below.

MP3 Downloads

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Podcast 1 What Is the Bible? Download
Podcast 2 Who Is God? Download
Podcast 3 What Is Sin? Download
Podcast 4 How Can Mankind Be Saved? Download
Podcast 5 Who Is the Church? Download
Podcast 6 What Are Angels and Demons? Download
Podcast 7 What Happens in the End? Download
Podcast 8 What Is Personal Evangelism? Download
Podcast 9

Podcast 10

How Do I Live This Out?

Final DNA Podcast