Now What?

In light of recents events in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas, our nation is looking for answers while Christians are asking the question, after we pray….Now what do we do? To me, this is a prime opportunity for the Church

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Blacks & Latinos as “Ethnic Targets”

American Cultural Social Ills American history reveals during times of economic disparity, racism, and urbanization church-going Blacks have turned away from their current religious establishments to find answers to their life situational questions.[1] Due to a modern resurgence of the

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God’s Cleaning His House…the Church

God is cleaning house in the American Church. Through current events dealing with ethnicity, race, and systemic oppression, He is exposing our dirty laundry (the systemic segregation in our churches, interpersonal networks, and theological formation) because He loves us. Specifically,

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Pastoral Suicide

Pastors & Pain This morning I read another story about a pastor who recently committed suicide. My heart breaks for his family & congregation. Over the past few weeks the topic of “pastoral suicide” has been present in conversations I’ve had with

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Thoughts on Being a Pastor

Pastors and Rappers Hip hop is oversaturated with rappers. Battle rappers wordsmith ad hominem attacks to defeat their opponents. Punchline rappers put their wit on display in order to impress listeners. Freestyle rappers draw deeply from their reservoir of vocabulary providing parched onlookers with a

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Diamonds in the Rough

Our American Context America is browning statistically and spiritually. Richard Rodriguez says our montage is a blending of the cultural and ethnic hues residing in America.[1] Other research agrees saying the population of ethnic minorities is escalating at a faster

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Fashion & Evangelism

Fashion and Feedback Evangelism and fashion. The bass and treble clef octaves conducting the unique harmony of an urban missionary’s life song. By no means am I up on fashion in fact, I defer every compliment given regarding my wardrobe

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Its Time to Grow Up CHH (Christian Hip Hop)

Our Accomplishments  A few weeks ago I tweeted thoughts I’ve been working through regarding the potential impact CHH (Christian Hip Hop) can achieve. Since CHH is arguably 30 years old now, I’m wrestling through our lack of impact, organized leadership, strategy, togetherness

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God is not Colorblind, so why are we?

“D.A., when I look at people I don’t see color, I see souls who need Jesus” is a summarizing statement people share with me when the content I produce addresses ethnicity. After thanking them for their assessment of cross-cultural evangelism

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Overview of Rastafarianism

The Founder: In Rastafarianism no one person is championed as the founder. The movement is seen as the fulfillment of a prophecy of Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey was born in Jamaica in 1887 and was the leading advocate for the

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